Licensed since 1997, Rick Bell, owner/broker of RBC HOT PROPERTIES, LLC, has become an expert in finding the right property for his commercial clients all over North Carolina. Taking into account the needs or criteria necessary for each client, he has been very successful in helping individuals or developers find the right piece of land. Whether for drug stores, banks, restaurants, gas stations or even planned shopping complexes, he has the right experience and knowledge to find the perfect property.

Rick also has experience in locating and evaluating 1031 tax-deferred exchange properties. This is a valuable service for clients selling raw land holdings and need to reinvest into similar properties or convert them to income producing properties.

Rick's impressive understanding and knowledge of all aspects of the Commercial Real Estate Market will leave you with a feeling of confidence. It doesn't matter what your property needs are, he will find you the perfect location.

If experience and knowledge is what you are looking for, RBC HOT PROPERTIES, LLC is the right real estate firm for you!